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Hunt Firm Front Entry Photo -AlteredTHE HUNT LAW FIRM was established in 2009 when the principal attorney, Sean Antone Hunt, left a large insurance defense firm to give clients more options. Because the auspices of a large firm hamper creativity through its bureaucracy, Attorney Hunt sought to leave the large firm environment and develop the technology to give clients more information and control over their cases.

Initially, the idea was simply to provide his clients with a client portal for access to their cases and their files. But as he left the law firm, more and more of his clients left with him. As a result, he soon found that his original plan of working solo was not going to be practical. Moreover, while using technology to leverage the abilities of his small firm, he found that he could provide his clients with a superior level of service and communication. The result would ultimately lead to the three-pronged philosophy which is the hallmark of The Firm: communication, technology and synergy.

The members of The Firm now firmly believe that the best way to handle cases and get the best results for their clients is to form a team and use a team effort. By combining our efforts with the clear understanding of the industry from the client, the firm leverages the experience of both its attorneys and its clients to obtain the absolute best results and the most economical outcome possible for the case.

The firm practices only insurance and commercial,corporate defense work and specializes in the most difficult cases. The firm handles defense cases for Worker’s Compensation, general personal injury, premises liability, products liability, construction liability and more.

The firm has represented some of the most well-known and well-respected clients including Pepsi-Cola Company, Unilever United States, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division, U.S. Foodservice, Farmers Insurance Group, Arch Insurance Company and Swiss Re Insurance Company, just to name a few.